Results-oriented, transparent, and ready 
to support your growth initiatives.

COACT has been working with leaders in  metal fabrication since our inception.

Leaders of metal fabrication organizations run a lean operation, and tend to have a keen awareness that they lack the process and internal resources to take their company to the next level. We've helped these leaders to establish their market play - whether that is diversifying their client base to work in new sectors, digging deeper within current customers, or gaining more market share. Whatever the strategy, COACT has played an integral role for these organizations by providing talented people, a proven process, and top-notch tools to develop and maintain relationships with a buying audience. To put it plainly, we have delivered on the hope for success.

Over a 6-year period of working with a machine shop. Organizations we introduced turned into lifelong partnerships.

An average of prospect funnel movement with each quarter's data, from a
17-month engagement.

A parts manufacturer working with COACT for over 4 years saw 7 large, relationship opportunities in a 6-month timeframe.

“The process is excellent, and it’s really been beneficial not only to myself personally, but to our business.”


With COACT, you have access to a full arsenal of business growth experts in marketing strategy, design, sales process, training, and execution - all operating as an extension of your organization. Our clients pay a month-to-month retainer, and our fees are never over budget. You receive an Account Executive who serves as your main point of contact, a business development sales team, and have access to an entire marketing department. We work with you to determine our market approach, execute that approach, and share the results along the way. 
Market Research, Strategy, and Target List Development
Inside Sales: Demand Generation and Relationship Management
Brand Design, Architecture, and Standardization

Website Strategy, Design, and Search Support

Event Planning, Coordination, and Promotion
Customer Advocacy Programs
Social Media Strategy and Execution
Videography and Photography
Digital Marketing: Email, Media Management, Advertising

Content and Inbound Marketing


We partner with companies across the metal fabrication industry to overcome communication challenges, 
out-think the competition, and connect with the people who matter most to them. 

Building relationships with organizations you actually
 want to do business with.

Our team owns the front end of relationship management: The strategy, research, design, prospecting, prequalifying and positioning new opportunities for your team to close.

Rhymically communicating 
your value proposition 
to strategic targets.

Our core philosophy is that one method of outreach doesn't cut it. It takes a combined approach of marketing touches and quality human interaction to build trust with a buyer. 

Our process sets us apart. We become an extension 
of your team.

Our process has proven to bring long-term value to our clients. One as much as 86% net sales return on proposal dollars. 


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